Innovation & Investment Convergence Conference

February 22-23, 2017

Bradenton, Florida

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Access to extraordinary leaders and innovators - find powerful vision, experience, and ideas.

Share Methods

Leveraging experience and vision - bring clarity, purpose and enhanced skills to the challenges you face.

Change the World

This is intellectual and practical fuel that will inspire, challenge and change you and your world.

Big Topics and Big Conversations

Information Rich and Action-Oriented

Innovation keeps existing companies alive and is the source of new ideas for launching startups. Whether product, service, or business model – it is innovation that provides a relevant edge on value proposition in a rapidly changing global marketplace. We can debate the nuances of invention and innovation, however in the world we live in, if you don’t navigate change you will cease to be relevant. The marketplace rewards those that provide value and those that don’t disappear.

The lines in investment are more blurred than ever. The non-profit or independent sector is investing more like venture capital than ever before. They are looking for returns based on impact and how this will become a sustainable initiative.  The private sector is asking for multiple bottom lines and impact, while the public sector is faced with more challenges than they can even hope to fund and is finding public/private partnerships a necessity.

As an investor, where do you put your money? With start-up the rage, inflated valuations, a global market and a changing landscape – who, what, when, where, how much and for what?

For all of us  – the bottom line: more jobs, higher return on investment, creating better places to live and work.

Highlighted Speakers

Kaushal Chokshi

President Scaale Group and Founder Cross Border Angels

Bonny Moellenbrock

Executive Director Investors' Circle

Sandy Carter

Former Fortune 25 Business Executive Leader - Cloud, Digital, Social and IoT

Peter Righi

Global Director - Center for Entrepreneurship & Executive Development (CEED)

Jorge Varela

Entrepreneur, Investor, Economic Development Advisor

Heather Holst-Knudsen

CEO & Founder, HatchPad - Chairman of the Board & Founder, KidBacker Foundation for Entrepreneurship

Our Mission:

To cultivate a network of thought leaders with a global context across community, education, non-profit, civic and private sectors – to share and learn best practices for navigating the challenges of an ever-learning, constantly-changing and always-connected 3.0 world.

Progressive Leaders are Looking at:


  • Smart Cities – Data Driven, Responsive, Quality of Life
  • Smart Work – Virtual, Global, Live, Work & Play
  • Smart Education – Preparing Students for a Life of Learning
  • Smart Government – Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships
  • Smart Money – Deploying Capital More Effectively, Impact Investing
  • Smart Food – Sustainable, Nutrient Rich, Agro-centric Enterprise

Attendees are invited to join Action-Centric Sessions at the conference conclusion:

1. Lay the foundation for a 2018 international food innovators conference in Bradenton/Sarasota area.
2. Organization of impact investor/initiative education for deploying capital more effectively
3. Cultivate global entrepreneur networks – facilitating soft landing and market expansion.
4. Startup Florida Rocks launch open discussion for a multi-city tour and pitch event.

When completing conference registration, please indicate interest level in action groups