Founded and hosted by Stan Schultes and Sara Hand of Spark Growth, 3.0 Leaders has been held in the beautiful Bradenton Area since its inception in the Spring of 2013, each year guests have the opportunity to engage, experience and enjoy exceptional content, networking and this walkable multi-venue riverfront location rich in color and culture.

About Innovation & Investment Convergence Conference

In our increasingly global and entrepreneurial world, across sectors we are more connected than ever. Around the world societies empowered by technology are leap frogging ahead and becoming areas of investment in contrast to assistance. Cities are discovering how public/private partnerships accelerate innovation and growth and how impact investing is changing the landscape of investment. Smart is crucial and time is at a premium as powerful new ideas include building Smart Cities and defining how Smart Growth is unique to the place. Innovation districts are creating an environment and atmosphere of collaboration that empowers their citizens to live, work and play as they choose.


Who We Are:     Meet Leaders - Glenn Wintrich               

3.0 Leaders Innovation & Investment Convergence Conference is access! Access to extraordinary thought leaders and innovators who are making an impact around the globe in business and civic arenas.

Our Impact:

3.0 Leaders brings clarity, purpose and enhanced skills to the challenges you face. Exposure to powerful new ideas, experience and vision, with exceptional networking opportunities provides the intellectual and practical fuel that will inspire, change and motivate you and help you to identify key trends and resources.

3.0 Leaders empowers and activates (individual, organizational, and community) leadership with a focus on identifying strategy take-aways.

Meet Leaders. Share Methods. Change the World.

Share methods - Culture of Connectivity Bob HOur Mission:

To cultivate a network of thought leaders with a global context across community, education, non-profit, civic and private sectors – to share and learn best practices for navigating the challenges of an ever-learning, constantly-changing and always-connected 3.0 world.

Why Now:

Never has collaboration been more necessary or the power of networks more obvious. Today’s world is rapidly changing and so are the operating rules. In fact, systems are more expansive, connected and global than ever and changing so quickly that, although a few may profess to know what the new rules are, no one person, organization or entity has all the answers.

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3.0 Leaders are life-long learners. They understand the power of collaboration and know that the power in their networks can enable new ways of getting things done. They examine and embrace day-by-day what is still relevant amid the chaos of change and eliminate what is not. They are not afraid of the new and seek ideas that produce disruptive and game changing innovations. If you are looking for something different, if you want to be a part of something that attracts speakers and attendees of influence and thought leadership from around the world – 3.0 Leaders provides that investment for you.

About the 3.0 Leaders’ Founders

Sara Hand

CEO, Spark Growth

Sara Hand has a diverse business development background across public and private sector enterprises, which includes early stage investment experience. Her motto is “Think Big. Keep it Simple. Make it Happen.” Using agile strategies, Sara drives action-focused agendas and is widely recognized for consistently achieving her goals with grace and confident skill.

An entrepreneur, Sara uses her strengths to find and leverage unique value propositions and create synergistic partnerships. This has enabled her to become a valuable leader and asset to her community and has presented opportunities with the State Department, the United Nations Launch of WED, the 2015 Harvard Future-Ready Economies Summit, International Strategic Doing Leadership Conference and the DWEN 2016 Symposium. Recently, Sara has added the roles of global investment, international market expansion and exits with her Cross Border Angels and Scaale business affiliations.

As founder of Spark Growth and organizer behind the 3.0 Leaders Conference, a gathering of thought leaders across sectors, Sara has the opportunity to regularly participate in conversations around “What our communities need as we move into the future.”

Stan Schultes

CTO, Spark Growth

Stan Schultes is co-founder of Spark Growth, a social/civic innovation enterprise and an expert in Strategic Doing, an agile and action-centric protocol for rapid development and implementation of strategies across organizations and sectors. His current development work is focused on Smart Cities initiatives.

Stan has a passion for creating community engagement between entrepreneurs, investors, and educational resources, and helping early stage companies grow. He is co-founder of 3.0 Leaders which annually convenes thought leaders, and DaVinci’s Faire and BarCamp. He works actively with Manatee Chamber’s Downtown RedevelopmentCommittee and served on the Suncoast Technology Forum Board of Directors and Florida High Tech Corridor Core Council.

Stan is certified by InBIA in Business Incubator Management, internationally recognized as a technology expert, and has earned the coveted Microsoft MVP award13 years running. As an entrepreneur and professional technologist, he has led teams from the Fortune 200 to stewardship of several startups.